About Us



Not only can we build your new septic system or complete a full replacement of your existing one, we also can often times diagnose issues with your current system.  Ranging from simple sags in pipes to tank failure we know what signs indicate various problems.  Often times system failure is misdiagnosed when in fact the issue can be something very simple.

 We install all types of septic systems, below is an example of an Advanced Enviro Septic we installed in Chesterfield for a large apartment house and the final photo is spreading seed and mulch on another finished system in Harrisville.


 We start by meeting with clients to hear what their wants and needs are.  Once we have discussed their desires we offer our professional opinion on what we have seen from past projects, often times we provide insite into what kinds of products or materials work best specifically in their situation.  Communication becomes a constant throughout the project, we realize a house is one of the largest purchases anyone will ever make and the decisions that go into that process take some careful thought. 



With a diverse fleet of equipment and years of experience operating each one of them we have a good sense for what the capabilities are with each one.  Sometimes its not only dirt we move.

 We solve drainage issues, grade driveways, spread loam, remove stumps, bury gas/electrical/water/sewer lines, prep shed pad site, generator pads, build handicap accessible ramps and parking spaces to A.D.A standards, install precast concrete piers and bollards


We were selected to complete the site work for a 50'x100' building which included all underground utilities, excavation and backfill of foundation, complete subgrade prep, loaming and finally paving.


 This project was a 5,000 s.f addition including a large detention pond, site cuts and fills, foundation and slab prep, drainage at new addition and at existing building and a new 6" Domestic and Fire service.  Along with the site work we also contracted the paving and striping. 


 The basis of this project was to expand parking spaces and still provide adequate A.D.A compliant access to the building.  Working as the General Contractor along side the head of maintenance for the building we oversaw the demolition of the existing concrete ramp structure including closing a doorway with Cast In Place Concrete.  Once the demolition was finished onsite cuts in fills were completed and several Catch Basins were installed and tied into City drainage.  Next gravels were brought in to prepare the parking lot subgrade, granite curb was placed and we worked with a local hardscape outfit to construct the handicap ramp and landing.  Concrete walks and a set of stairs were poured and asphalt was laid down.  Finally striping and signage was added, loam and seed was applied to complete the project.   



This project was high profile in the conservation community and required precision timing from start to finish.  From the first phone call to final guardrail installation each day counted.  Originally the project was slated to have been underway when Pat Rawson Construction was contacted to provide a bid.  We worked quickly to provide a competitive number against several other great local contractors.  Once awarded the project scheduling began and working very closely with the project engineer and town we were able to come up with acceptable design ideas to save time and money.  Several variables from material suppliers to sub contractors were carefully thought out to take this five to six week project and turn it out in only three. 


  We were selected as the General Contractor for the Main Street Reconstruction Project in West Swanzey.  This project was approximately 1,300+ L.F. of existing roadway to be reconstructed.  The scope included the construction of a large retention basin to be maintained during construction to act as a sediment trap, removal of existing abandoned water main, reclaiming the entire roadway, removing all existing concrete walk and concrete retaining walls (while preserving all granite block walls), box cutting existing gravels, installing 1,000 L.F. 15'' HDPE pipe and 18 structures, new gravel subgrade, asphalt, granite curb, 200' of new granite block wall with integrated concrete stairs, street lighting, striping, concrete sidewalk, tree removal, loaming, hydro seeding and several other various accommodations for each resident.