About Us



Pat Rawson Construction began in 1986 with Pat Rawson and Lyle Hoag as partners together building a company that could provide excavation services to existing and future home owners in the Cheshire County region. 

The residential boom of the 80's was full swing helping them grow from one single axle dump truck and a dozer to a fleet with a wide range of equipment. 


Marilyn, Lyle's mother and Pat's wife handled the secretarial duties in the office. Payroll, billing, typed estimates or proposals are some of the things she was in charge of. 


Pat and Lyle along with often times only one or two employees would handle day to day onsite activity. Tasks ranged from site visits with clients to discuss potential projects, supervising and operating each project and various equipment onsite, to completing bids and pre construction take-offs for future projects



Once Pat and Lyle established their company and its reputation they continued to develop methods of operation becoming proficient in moving dirt cost effectively.

In 1996 Pat passed away at the age of 72. Over the course of ten years together Pat had Lyle running the company while remaining as a mentor and foothold for new ideas and direction of growth.

Shortly after Pat, Marilyn also passed away. These changes were within years of each other creating a large transition within the company. Sandy Hoag had been involved with Marilyn’s secretarial duties for several years, learning the systems she had created for the company slowly piece by piece taking over each aspect of the businesses’ bookkeeping.


Since then the company has maintained this structure internally while still growing and developing. Each year doing more projects, adding and replacing the fleet of equipment.




With a well-established business they have been able to make a living doing what they love. This was the goal when Pat and Lyle started. 

Through the years, Lyle and Sandy's son, Ryan Hoag, had always spent his childhood growing up around construction. He knew at a young age he wanted to be a part of the family business. First just tagging along any chance he had seeing all aspects of his father’s job, from meeting customers at the end of each day to working on equipment repairs at their shop and of course digging dirt. Then through grade school working summers as a laborer learning how to run each piece of equipment from setting the laser to grade and shoveling to driving dump trucks onsite and several other heavy equipment.

Finally after high school in 2005, Ryan worked summers and holiday breaks for two years while he attended the University Of New Hampshire Thompson School Of Applied Science to receive an Associates in Civil Technology in 2007. Ryan has been full time since then. He has worked alongside each employee learning everyday what it takes to complete all variations of projects. He was given the opportunity to become part owner in the company and now has assumed the position Lyle was once in with Pat. 

Lyle and Ryan now work together each day to tackle new projects. The dirt is the same, but working together Ryan has worked in advancing their use of technology while Lyle brings experience only time can provide.​ As a team they now have the ability to grow with the industry.